Bow is in really good shape, has a few small marks from use. You can see where the sight and rest were mounted and it has a few small marks on the limbs. Bow Max's just under 58lbs w/DCX and 55 w/ SVX.
DCX #2 26.5-28"
SVX #3 27.5-28.5"

Comes with:
DCX 65% mods (bow has 75% installed)
SVX #3 cams w/ B mods only( no strings)
All grips and limb dampeners
New Hoyt hat
New Threadz strings just installed 7/22/22
Price is $900 tyd, includes PayPal fee and ups shipping
Bicycle handlebar Wood Cable Electrical wiring Flooring
Leg Wood Bicycle part Finger Rim
Bicycle part Wood Fender Rim Human leg
Sports equipment Wood Font Tints and shades Fashion accessory
Sports equipment Bicycle part Font Wood Automotive wheel system
Automotive tire Helmet Bicycle part Wood Rim
Wood Gas Toy Wire Bag