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Up for sale is a 25" black Hoyt Matrix (painted) right hand with the Hoyt cover, oak colored Loesch grip and Beiter plunger. I will send along the plastic grip that it came with as an extra.

The riser came with the plunger so there are no extra pieces parts, but I found it easy to work with just a visit to Ace hardware, if you don't have Beiter tools on hand already.

Had it less than a year, used it as a back up bow with lighter limbs, but didn't shoot it that much.

I have pictures and a video I can send you via text. Please PM.

$310/obo. including 4% paypal. Shipping lower 48 only. Shipping is included in the price with insurance, tracking, etc.

And we all know how rarely these become available. The Matrix I compete with will be buried with me!!!

Again PM for pics and video. And no you can't have my cat who photobombed my video!!!

Riser will be in the mail 24 hours after deal struck and receipt of funds via Paypal.
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