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I have for sale a Hoyt Rampage XT Right Handed Bow with #60 limbs. Maxes out at 62/63#'s. It has #3 Fuel Cams DL 29"-31" set at 29"-1/2 right now.
Im original owner of bow and i bought it at end of model year in 2012 for a back up bow for a hunt out west.
I have shot bow around home and hunted boar with bow over past few seasons. Other then that it has been in the case. It has a QAD LD rest installed and tied into strings that will stay on bow. It also has a hooded peep installed that will stay. This would be a Great Starter Bow for someone getting into archery or for a Teenage Bow moving up bows.

Im asking 275.00 for bow plus PP Fees TYD Insured USPS.
Feel free to pm with any questions
image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

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