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Hoyt spyder 30 blackout 70# currently set at 28" draw, bought last july. Only got a chance to hunt with it twice last season. My job has really impacted my time for archery season so I'm selling everything. The bow has been shot very little and in perfect condition. It's current set up is HHA optamizer .10 adjustable rheostat. QAD ultra rest HDx. 8" BStinger and of coarse d loop and peep. The bow will be shipped in the case. Which is a Plano Bow gaurd pillar lock. I'm asking 1100$. Pretty firm on that price considering the bows condition. Either pm me or comment and we'll talk more. I WILL NOT PAY FOR SHIPPING AND HANDLING ACROSS THE COUNTRY. You will be responsible for getting the bow to your location. Thanks for your interest guys, let's get this thing sold!!!! Shoot straight. Ps. I also have a try ball pro max 4 finger release if you're interested. Asking 80$

Side note, I'm horrible with technology and I'm on a smart phone doing this, I can't figure out how to add my photos. Any help?
ALSO- YES, this IS the same post as the one a couple hours ago. BUT i finally figured out how to do pictures of the bow, so we're Restarting! Sorry for any confusion!
Thanks. 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
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