About two weeks ago a brand new Hoyt Stratos showed up at my door. This was not an unexpected delivery, as a few weeks prior I had done a video with Steve Anderson discussion Hoyt's new target bow lineup and which one he thought I should shoot.

On Steve's advice (he seems like he might know a thing or two), we settled on the Stratos 40 with the HBT cams. After setting the bow up and spending a little time getting used to it, I figured it was time to put a video together with my first impressions of the bow. I also ran it through the chronograph with two different arrows - a 423-grain Gold Tip Nine.3 Max and a 350-grain Gold Tip Platinum Pierce. The bow was set up at 30 inches of measured draw length and 60 pounds of draw weight.

I have been struggling mightily with my target shooting in recent months, so I'm using this opportunity to test out the Stratos to try and work on my game and see if I can improve my shot process...and hopefully my scores. I'm not 100% committed to the idea yet, but I was thinking of doing a semi-regular series about my progress (or lack thereof). And maybe seeking some on-line coaching. If anybody knows a good coach who can work with somebody remotely (I live in Canada), please let me know. It might be time to seek professional help.