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Hoyt Ultra Elite Stabilization

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Can anyone offer me some additional feedback on stabilization. I am currently shooting in the unlimited/freestyle class, but am using a B-stinger 12" with an 11oz disk weight that I like a lot. The problem is that I am constantly shooting 590+ on a Vegas 600, but i am really struggling on holding steady.

I am looking to invest on a longer stabilizer with V-bars, but am unsure which to get. Lets take price out of the mix as the most expensive isn't always the best setup, nor is the cheapest.

Thanks a bunch in advance...
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You may want to contact Blair, RIMAX, regarding his XL stabs. I have a set, stab is 38in. and incredibly rigid, zero flex and 2 14 in. back bars. This is as good as it gets for stabilization.
Posten Slim Jim, aka Jimposten on here. i have a full vbar setup for my Hoyt and love it! i have Slim Jims 30" main and 12" rear's and it works awesome for my target bow
TTT, i know it an old post but i am trying to decide between the two stated above, also looking for length, i am thinking about something around the 24-28 inches, but i always here people shooting 32-38 inches, is there a advantage there, or just preference. any more incite on these to stab.
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