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Hoyt UltraTec Info search

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I am looking for information related to a vintage Hoyt UtraTec Bow. Hoyt could not trace the serial number stamped on the riser, so I have been searching through online manuals, bow sales, and product guides to try to determine the exact age of this bow. I’d like to be able to use the Hoyt Tuning charts to get it set up, but they don’t match what I have.

The bow has CT3 command cams with H3 modules which I assume are for high letoff (75%). These cams match exactly the illustration in the 2001 Hoyt Compound Bow Manual (HCBM). It has XT3000 limbs. It has an ATA of 43 3/8”, and an overall length of 44 ¼”. It has an aluminum setback riser. The limb pockets are metal as shown in the 2001 HCBM.

Somethings that have me puzzled are:
1) The style of the cable glide matches the illustration in the 2003 HBCM not the 2001 or 2002 HBCM. The cable glide on the bow is presently oriented with the long arm furthest from the bow handle as recommended in the 2003 HBCM. However, this results in the Aim Cables being pulled far to the right and the Top Aim Cable was actually touching the inside of the limb before I turned the cable glide rod to the 10 o’clock position. The present glide orientation is just the opposite of the recommendation for the older style glide as shown in the 2001 and 2002 HBCM.

2) The Hoyt Tuning charts do not show an XT3000 limb until 2002: however, the cam for this year would have been a Command Cam Plus which this bow definitely does not have. The 2003 Tuning Chart shows draw length options for the C3 cam from 29 to 31 inches. The cam modules on this bow have eight ½ inch adjustment holes that range from 29 to 32 ½ inches.

3) None of the Hoyt Tuning Charts for 2001 through 2003 show an ATA even close to the 43 3/8 inch ATA of this bow.

I am struggling to reconcile all this information so that I can get the best cable and string lengths when I restring this bow. It appears that since the 2002 tuning chart has an XT3000 limb and a command cam (plus?), it probably has the best recommendation for this bow (59 ½ inch string and 41 ½ inch yoke cables).

If anyone has any thoughts regarding this vintage UltraTec, I’d sure appreciate your comments. I do have photos, but can't attach them with the tool on the Archery Talk site.