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Hunters for the Hungry - How can we do more?

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I don't know if every state has a program like Virginia, but in VA H4TH accepts donations of harvested deer from hunters, processes the deer, and then provides food banks and shelters with literally HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of pounds of fresh venision.

I mean what better face could we put on hunting that an organizations that feeds probably millions of families each year?

In Virginia when you buy your license there a little check box to donate anywhere from $2-$10 towards Hunters for the Hungry. I'll admit that in the past I have been slow to click that check box and have not done my part more than I should have, but it really hit me this year how important this program is.

I was reading an article this morning that said last year H4TH collected like 368,000 lbs of venison from VA hunters! They have the facilitied to process 500,000 lbs, but as a non-profit organization with no direct state funding, all the $$$ to process deer comes from donations, raffles, and dinners. The article said that this year, H4TH has already collected about 38,000lbs of venison this year and they will likely SMASH their goal of 380,000 lbs of deer this year. The problem is that especially with the current financial times they expect a lot fewer donations and are looking at very likely having to shut down the program due to lack of funding.

I would like to challenge all hunters, but ESPECIALLY VA hunters to click that checkbox. When you're paying $100 for licenses what's $2 or $5 or $10? If you're looking for some camo, go to their website and order some embroidered with the H4TH logo. Need a cookbook??? Buy one from the website!


Like I said, lets put a positive face to the hunting community by helping our less fortunate and contribute to a great program that works SO much more efficiently than the government.

Additionally, I would really like to start a raffle either on AT or through H4TH and donate the proceeds to H4TH. If anyone would like to help me out, please send me a PM. If there is enough interest, I will speak with local shops, accept donated items from AT users, and hopefully get a raffle set up that will be worthwhile.

I appreciate the help and I challenge myself and all of you to support the less fortunate and give the common man a reason to support hunting.

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I give a few does every year to our local inner city mission. A friend of mine is a processer and does the butchering for free.
We as hunters need to help the less fortunate, in providing venison for the hungry.

Just think if you could not afford to think if you could'nt afford food for the family.:cry:

That would SUCK!........would'nt wish hunger on my worst enemy.

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We have it in Alabama as well. What we have to do is locate a meat processor that participates in Hunters helping the hungry. You just take your deer to the processor and tell him you are donating it, and possibly give him a little money to help offset his cost of processing the meat.

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I commend everyone donating deer, just remember in the larger organizations the limit is funding. Don't forget to drop of a $10 or so when you drop off your deer.

In VA they have the facilities to handle 500,000 lbs of venision but the funding for only 380,000. Everyone pitching in a couple more $$$ makes all the difference in the world!

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I would love to just have a list of names of folks needing a deer and I would just drop it off to them. I know I would harvest several more does if I had a place for them to go.

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started in MN last season...

And they (State) thru out almost all of it due to lead contamination.:confused:

So, again this year they ask you if you want to donate a dollar to the process. I said no, I'll donate locally to people I personally know.

Maybe after this season I will have more confidence that they won't waiste my money and the venison.
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