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My friends and I are planning a DIY hunt for Caribou and possibly Moose in Alaska. I have done some research on the Dalton Hwy Management area and areas 24, 25, and 26b. Probably a total of 4 of us. Want to spend about 14 days. We are non residents. All of us love to Bowhunt and we like to be away from the crowds if that is possible. I would love to hear from people who have actually hunted in this area or in other areas that are accesible to non-resident hunting.

Here is what I need to know.

The place to go for Caribou on the Dalton Hwy or elsewhere that we can get reasonable access to the herds and be succesful.
Things that we absolutely need to be prepared for during the time period that you suggest we hunt.
Can we find Moose and Caribou in a particular area together.
Suggestions that will make our hunt much more pleasurable.
We plan on flying into Fairbanks and renting a vehicle.
Thanks for your help

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Check out "alaska outdoors forum"....In the Bowhunting thread there is a whole section devoted to the Haul road....Plan on doing alot of hiking if you want to get a away from the masses......The haul road can be a great hunt, But it will not be a solitary experience!!!

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I believe all non-residents are required to have a guide, but I could be wrong.

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I've been on many Bowhunts that many will only dream of. Bowhunting the Haul Road is one I have not done. I envy you.
Knowing some about way North & Blackflies- MUSKOL Repellant & HEADNET & a couple extra spare tires. Good Luck....

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I've done the haul road hunt once, and plan to again this September 2011. My son's bou make the P&Y record books and a plaque at the last convention in Denver 2009. From what I have learned I can list some info.
1 make sure truck is checked over by mechanic before you go, fix all!
2 two spare tires
3 slow down for approaching trucks, and they will slow for you and reduce the chance for broken windshield
4 take clear and regular duck tape for repairs
5 take some extra fuel, gas or diesel, I haul at least one full tanks worth
6 tell credit card company you will be in Canada and Alaska so it is not declined!
7 take at least two credit cards and a fair amount of cash
8 we had a slide in camper to use, north of Atigan pass, park at Galbreith Lake, Happy Mt. or the pipe access roads. stay to side, do not block entrance
9 Take carbohydrate high foods, you use a tremendous amount of energy daily
10 water filter or bottles to place in pack
11 good well fitted day pack that can be used to pack out meat
12 Read the game regulations!!!
13 leave no meat on dead animal before the head and horns come out
14 know the difference between a cow and bull
15 6 game bags per animal and platform back pack really help
16 forgot. if you stop on road, pull off as far as possible for truckers to pass, but do not slide off the road as this is very bad
17 Caribou seem to know the distance of 70 yards very well. Practice your distance accuracy and have a good bow to shoot.
18 be sure of your shots, but do not be afraid to shoot and yes you will miss for a host of reasons, take enough arrows
19 Do not pick up every shed horn and haul it back to the truck, they get heavy
20 walking the tundra is touch, need very good boots, water proof, same for socks if you prefer
21 take all new socks you are use to using and only wear once!
22 make sure BOTH pairs of boots you take are well broken in
23 be or get into shape before you leave, start now for next fall
24 GPS helps to find the stuff you will leave on the tundra as you stalk or follow the bou also helps to relocate when going back for another load of meat
25 carry with on the day trek only what you think you will need
26 you need, range finder no matter how good you think you are, spotting scope, binoculars, Camera,
27 It could be in the 50's during the day, and freezing at night. take cloths accordingly
28 South haul road is different hunting than north of Atigan pass.
29 south has trees, water, and bugs and hard work to get animal out
30 north of atigan has no trees, just tundra and some bugs
31 both have the pipe line and no rifle hunting with in five miles, get that, five miles of pipe line ( there are some exceptions)
32 above atigan, bou are from next to road to miles out. It is up to you how far you want to get away from hunters.
33 most hunters will not walk more than a half mile from the road due to the difficulty. some ambush next to road.
34 best hunting can be any where away from the road.
35 use the spotting scope and binoculars and then figure out an intersect point and head out. This could be miles of walking
36 camo cloths do help a bunch, scent lock, ??? Take a lunch and water in fanny pack no matter how short you might think the stalk will be. It never works out the way you think it will
37 you might need to crawl through water on the tundra, just do it as this is the hunt.
38 plan to go to Deadhorse and rent a room for the night, it will include, hot showers, buffet food, Fill a bag lunch the day you check out, it is expected to do so, free cloths washing, cell phones work in town and there is no alcohol to be purchased in town.
39 there is good fishing in Sag river if you need a day or afternoon off to rest.
40 hunting across the Sag river can be great, but you need a raft to cross, DO NOT TRY TO WADE RIVER NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK IS POSSIBLE, SOMEONE DROWNS EVERY YEAR TRYING THAT STUNT.
41 you can hunt in hip waders or rubber boots, your choice, but not for crossing the rivers.
42 take some mole skin in case you get foot blister or raw spot, stop hunt and fix problem, dry socks will also help
43 Practice with the bow every day from now until you go, be confident in distance, wind, sunshine, and use range finder.
44 usually in a string of bulls, the last is the best and it gives time to set up or calm nerves
45 caribou walk very fast and a 60+ yard walking shot means you need to lead the shot a foot or so.
46 you might consider locking your vehicle when leaving it. Not all people are honest and not all are hunters
47 use you cb to communicate with truckers where bou might be and if you intend to pass or whatever.
48 almost all truckers are really nice and will help in the event of a breakdown or problem. ask and you shall receive
49 I take a honda generator to keep things charged and have lights, Deadhorse has LP buying stations
50 there are groceries in Deadhorse, some vehicle repairs, and part. NAPA store also. All people are very nice and helpful
51 roads are very slick when wet, take 4 wheel drive only with grippy tires
52 respect other hunters, if there is an empty vehicle near and bou are near, it is there hunt not yours. Make a mistake, back out and go elsewhere.
53 have a really great time.
54 If I missed anything or you have a question, email me: [email protected]
55 I can't wait to get back and one new partner going with and he is very excited also.

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yep, you're wrong. dont need a guide for sitka deer, black bear, moose, or caribou.
and unless it has changed since I was up there Mountain Goat. Randy

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I live here in Fairbanks and make that hunting trip 2 to 3 times a year great trip lots of fun.
Any Questions please feel free to call me @ (907)-687-5746 or email @ [email protected]

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South Dak-Excellent list for those who do NOT understand the far North..
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