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Hunting for elk

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Just another "what bow should I buy" question. Im in Idaho and I've received my disabled veteran hunting license which means I can use a crossbow during archery elk season. Id like to get an RTH package if crossbows come that way. I have experience with bear, Mathews, and Hoyt regular compound bows but no experience at all with crossbows. I read a lot of contradicting reviews on what's available at Cabelas. Im looking for something that's reliable but wont break the bank. id like to keep it under 1000$ for the bow package. Also some advice for bow speed and total arrow weight including broad heads and knock for elk hunting, whether I should go compound or recurve, etc.

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Look in the classified section......a great bow if you can find one is an R10....Ravin 10. Lot's of horsepower in these bows....came in over spec I think 408 fps for me with a 400 gr bolt and that is a lot of juice headed downrange.
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