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Hunting Socks Recommendations

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What socks would you recommend? My feet get cold sitting in the tree now regardless of what boots I wear so now I want to look at some socks. Any recommendations?
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Darn tough are great socks, but anything merino wool will be good. Id suggest boot covers though such as the arctic shield ones or boot suits. Wear a lighter insulated boot then put the covers on

Check out this thread for cold feet.
I have a pair of Smartwool merino wool liners that are great for early season and a pair of late season Smartwool socks that are a bit thicker. Love wool. Even after sweating profusely in the early season in my merino liners there was no smell and my feet actually stayed drier. Highly recommend some form of merino wool.
My feet always get cold come later in the season. I actually bit the bullet and got a pair of electric socks on Amazon. They easily last 3 hours, which is the longest I generally sit in late season. I will hold out as long as I can, then turn them on. Within minutes my feet are warm again. They have lasted about 6 hours longest, and my feet were good all that time. I am considering a second set of batteries for tgem, or a second pair. At $42, they weren't cheap. But, I have been comfortable ever since. Best $42 I have spent to be comfortable in a stand.

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X2 on the darn tough socks... used to have nothing but smartwool but really like the darn tough a bit more. They also seem to last longer.
Socks are only one part of the solution to warm feet. The only way to have warm feet is to have oversized insulated boots or boot covers and I always add some grabber foot warmers in my boots.

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Yeah, the socks not the main factor, as long as its a premium sock w/some merino wool that you didn't wear in, change socks a hundred yard out and put walk in socks in a plastic bag. Unless your not too worried about scent then just change at the base of your tree. Boots needs to be oversized. Battery operated foot warmer or a boot cover with a chemical warmer thrown in will keep you on stand all day.
Darn tough is a great sock man, another vote from me.
Just get some Artic Shield boot covers and smart wool socks
Hunters foot works good for me
I went to all merino and alpaca wool socks this year. Big difference but the game changer for me were the alpaca wool foot beds to put in my boots. Incredible difference is keeping my feet warm down in the teens.
Alpaca socks have been a game changer for me. It also helps to have good boots and come chemical heat packs. Or you can have Santa get you some Artic shield boot covers
For really cold weather: A medium-light all wool or blended sock followed by a pair of Cabela's Ultimax Extreme Cold Weather Socks...calf high. I use this combo for ice fishing (and good pac boots) and my feet stay in great shape. Dry feet = warm feet.
I have an issue with cold feet myself and I am going to try the artic shield but for now I have just reminded myself to not wear too many socks or too thick so that I can move my feet and I drop a handwarmer in and or put toewarmers on and that helps a lot.
Darn tough are great socks, but anything merino wool will be good. Id suggest boot covers though such as the arctic shield ones or boot suits. Wear a lighter insulated boot then put the covers on
Ditto on this. Darn Tough is all I use. So far this year I haven't needed the boot suits, although my time is limited.
I wear the browning Merino wool socks. They have been great for all day sits in the tree stand.
Darn tough and smart wool are nice, unfortunately if you have a wide foot they will squeeze your foot to death. I need to find something similar that’s not so freakin tight
I have a few pair of the Cabela’s instinct merino socks and I have been really happy with them. Darn tough socks are hard to beat also.
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