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hunting weather

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someone send us some hunting weather down here
almost 90 today: forcast almost 90 tomorrow :mad:
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86 here today finally got 3.01" of rain first of the week been dry here for two months, weather starting to change.
Too warm in Oklahoma as well... I'm not seeing anything but there is fresh sign all over! They have to be moving at night because of these temps.
Hot here in Illinois as well. 85 yesterday and supposed to be the same today. Deer movement has been slow and skeeters bad. Can't wait for a heavy frost.
Ohio can't help out either!
Grilling hotdogs on the sidewalks
Woke up to 4" inches of snow this morning in Utah!
Woke up to 4" inches of snow this morning in Utah!

............:boink:...............stop teasing.

.that's why the rest of the country needs HVAC

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