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hunting with CBE sight?

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I know this is kind of a "hunting" related question but thought I might get more responses here. If it has to be move I would understand :)

BUT, with that in mind how many hunt with their CBE sights? I am thinking of picking up another one with the multipin setup for hunting, 3D, and spots (do everything sight). Which one would or will do it all? CBE 3D sight or the "target model"?

And if you hunt with it do you do anything with the silver/chrome knobs?

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I hunt with the 3D-XL and the pin attachment. 3 pins, and use the slide for for shots that are longer. Use the bottom pin for my reference. Works great.

As for the silver, I don't do a thing with ti. It is fairly "flat" and I don't think it is a problem.

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I use my 3d xl and viper scope. Same setup for 3d. Why not when it won me a state title.
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