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Year before last I had found a chair I thought I would like to use in my blind. Well after deer season and a turkey season I found it wasn’t so great. My back hurt I almost fell over (kinda dozed off) and it had a tendency to sink in the sandy soil. So, I went on a quest to find a chair that was the chair of all hunting chairs.
Well I was at a Deer & Turkey show in Lansing Michigan when I was looking at some turkey calls and turned around and there it was the chair of all hunting chairs. I sat in the chair and it was extremely comfortable and well made. So, I collected my contact info and the following day I contacted Scott the owner and creator of the Huntmore 360 Chair. After reading a review I had written for a friend of his, the owner of Ol Tom Turkey Calls he contacted me and offered to send a chair for review.
Well spring turkey season quickly approached and I had shot sitting in the chair a few times behind my house and new it felt comfortable to sit in but hadn’t been out in the woods in it for long periods of time. So, the opportunity came and as I sat in my blind (comfortably if I might add) I was impressed with the Ergonomic design. My back did not bother me at all the end of day 1 or 2. The large 4.5” pads on the bottom of the fully adjustable legs from 16” to 22” stayed on top of the ground not embedded in the ground. This allows for a very stable base and allows you that stability when you need it most and it isn’t when you want to nap; it is when the time comes to take that shot. The rear-sloping 19" x 19" x 19" triangle shaped seat pad is made of thick closed cell foam and allows for comfort, durability, warmth.
Scott advised me by using bronze flange bushings for the hinge assemble and the hub assemble it requires less maintenance, due to less cleaning and lubing. In addition, bronze is naturally a self-lubricating metal that also will help reduce noise. The chair did acquire a small squeak towards the end of day 2.5 but that was easily fixed by adjusting the hub nut and now does not squeak at all. Even, after going out for 2 days the following weekend and sitting in it.
With the new QuickSnap attachment system it doesn’t take anytime to tear down or even set up the chair and the carrying bag makes it easy to carry out to your blind. The chair is extremely light weighing in at only 10.5 lbs. It is easy to pick and move around with one hand
yet sturdy enough for anyone up to 300 lbs. The 2011 chair has a standardized torque setting on all of the bolts allow it to create the same force on each leg to open and close them, giving the chair the optimal feel when setting it up.
The last thing I want to mention that although I used it for hunting I actually used it at my sons baseball game to sit and watch the game in. My father-in-law was making jokes about it and wound up sitting in it and telling everyone this is really a very comfortable chair and he actually loved it and remained in the chair the rest of the game while I stood the rest of the game. So, this is not a chair for hunting only. You can utilize this chair for outdoor activities, sporting events, fishing along the bank and camping.
So, if you are looking for a high quality “chair” not a stool then visit for more information and contact Scott to purchase one for the price of $199.99 + handling and shipping.
Review Written By: Gary Elliott
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