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I am sick and tired of this...lets do something

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This was a rant in response to a Gents question. The rant was not against the Gent, but just a opinion why hunting grounds are smaller, and why I let no-one hunt my land what is your take? :

I think (just guessing here), the problem lies not in the accuracy of the hunters out there, but the moral responsibility to stay within the laws. No trespassing. No shooting turkeys and deer without permits. No chasing with vehicles. No tearing up land that is not theirs. No asking friends to hunt when its wrong to do so. And to get permissioni EVERY year from land owner.

I no longer have *any* faith in *any* of the hunters out there. and THAT is @#$#@ sad to say. I get fed up, @#[email protected] off, and tired of jackasses that ruin my land by running 4WD, ATV's and shooting up guns all over the place. They hunt without my permission, they go on without my permission, and I have wardens and sheriffs out all the time. I can't catch the suckers. Thus, i turn down every hunter now... for the past 5 years. What is sad?? one of the very hunters I turned down, I caught 2 years later. Yeah... I ticketed him and one of his buddies.

Personally... you really want to solve hunting problems and landowner problems???? TURN IN EVERYONE that can't show permission on the land you are hunting. If it is your best friend... TURN HIM IN!!... No friend of mine breaks laws... If he does wrong to others, he will do wrong to you.

This @#$# stops with the hunters.... it stops with the ethical and law abiding hunters. It will NOT stop with hunters that do not take action to protect the very grounds they hunt.

My rant is over <g>. Maybe others will read this... Maybe they will agree... maybe not...that is fine. But I have to pay taxes on 1000 acres of land... they don't. Shouldn't I be able to walk out to my own land and hunt a deer without seeing tracks all over the place, missing tree stands, gut piles, and ran over crops?
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Here, Here!!

I second the motion!! In south central PA and central MD, where deer populations are out of control, and where hunting is needed, landowners are pissed off!! They will not let anyone near there land. I am strictly a bowhunter and have been doing so for 15 years. My father, who is in his late 60's, introduced me to it and would KICK MY ***** if he found out I hunted illegally and unethically. Ethics and tradtion are what hunting is all about! It is why we take our children hunting, to show them not only the outdoors, but respect responsibitly and tradition. I do not own 1000 acres so my hunting is limited to where owners will ALLOW me the privledge to hunt. I would also like to see more people punished more severly for breaking game laws.

I am sorry to hear about your problems with idiots trespassing on your land and I hope you catch them. If it were me I would not allow anyone to hunt there either. And unfortunately I have seperated myself from a few people who I considered friends over the years for just this reason, they were so desperate to kill a P&Y buck that they were willing to break the law.

Good Luck, and fellow hunters, one last point. If we do not police ourselves it just gives ammunition to all the Animal Rights and Community Groups to remove our precious rights in the outdoors.
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