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This stuff is pretty darn nice. The Mossy Oak Infinity is a nice pattern, although, the printing on the wool is kinda on the "dark" side for MO Infinity. (not like that's a problem or anything).

This stuff feels like a really nice cotton, long sleeve T-shirt.:wink: No "itchiness" at all (I wore it in my office for a few minutes) and was very nice.

I got the Llano top and the Allegheny bottoms. I plan on using these as base layers only. Well... the Llano could be used as a hot weather hunting shirt... I may do that on early season bow hunts here in NC.

I'll chime back in on this thread after my elk hunt to compare this First Lite stuff to the new Under Armour Evolution ColdGear that I bought a couple weeks back.


Oh... here are some quick pictures of the new First lite Stuff....

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