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I Had no Tag but great Elk Hunt!

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Just got back from helping out of an AZ Elk hunt. I did not get drawn in 4 states I applied and with the cost of gas I decided to just go out for a few days and help out a friend and his Dad who did get bull tags.

First time in close to 30 years I did not have a tag in my pocket and was not sure how I would feel about it. What a blast! No pressure and chasing bulls with friends.

My friend Chris was hunting with his Dad (Wayne) and Wayne got a nice 6 x 6 the second day of the hunt. This is his first Archery Elk. No monster for sure but a dandy first Elk with a stick! Chris is looking for a big one and has passed on several small bulls. Hopefully he will get it done in the next week of the hunt. In Arizona it is so hard to get a tag, very understandable to hold out for a big bull. I wish I could go back for sure but just not in the cards this year.

Here are a few pics of Wayne's bull.

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Father and Son
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Money shot for me :embara:
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