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I Hate Bass Pro!!

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I need to vent a little.

I ordered a Bohing Fletching jig from Bass Pro because they had them on sell. I received it 7/21/06. It was missing a few parts so I called them and was told they had plenty in stock and to return it and they would ship me a new one. I sent it back on the 21st. I called them on the 26th to make sure they got the one I sent back ok and that there would not problem with the return. They said they received the one I sent back and the return was entered into their system but it ususally takes 24 - 48 hours to ship the replacement. On Friday I still did not receive the replacement so I called them to find out if it had even shipped yet. I was told the replacement order had been entered into their system on 7/26/06 and was waiting to be shipped but had not yet gone out. I could expect the part to be shipped that day or Monday the 31st.

Well today when I did not receive the relacement I called again and was told the part was on backorder. At that point I gave up and made them refund my money. I just placed the order with Bohning direct for the jig. I guess that is what I get for being a cheapskate and trying to save $10.
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Well, Ive been waiting on deer season sense last feb...LOL:)
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