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I have a FPS and KE Question on my set up!!!!!!!!!

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I am shooting a Martin Saber 06 Modle with Dyna Cams.I only have a peep like the G5 Meta Peep and some Spiders on my string, I cranked my bow up tp 70# the IBO rating is 300 fps.I am shooting a roughly 5.49 GPP arrow, I am a 27" DL and shooting Easton ACC 3-49's and they weigh 385 gr total arrow weight. I figured this out bye Easton Spec:
Also what kind of Ke am I getting?
3-49 arrow ---8.8 gpi= 237.6 gr
Insert ----9 gr
Bushing---6 gr
Nock-------7 gr
Point------ 100 gr
Blazers---- 15 gr
Arrow Wrap -10 gr

384.6 gr Total arrow weight

What could I expect for a FPs with this set up. I just went out and shot and my bags are barely takin it.

Thanks Matt
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hunting addict said:
Just as a rough guess I would say about 255 fps.

-32 fps for 27" draw
-9 fps grains over ibo
-4 fps items on string

300 - 45 = 255 fps, which would calculate out to about 55# kinetic energy.
Your rough guess is fantastic.

OnTarget2! has the following estimate:

Estimated Velocity = 254 fps
5.506 grains per lb of draw weight

FOC = 8.57%

55.15 lbs of kinetic energy

This assumes a 15 grain peep sight,
a 7 grain d-loop
a 7 grain nocking point
and 15 grains worth of whiskers.

I also assumed a 100 grain field point with insert.
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