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I need help fellas!!!

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I have a question about a new bow I am interested in, I am looking at a PSE diamondback...I am new to archery, and my first bow i bought wich was a pse mach8 had a draw lenght of about 29" turned out when i went to the archery shop I was about 26" and the bow was set to minimum dl:cry:...Well good thing I have a friend that is bigger then me and is going to purchase the mach8 from me that way i can find a bow with my proper dl. Thats when my question comes in, the person selling me the diamondback said hes not sure what the dl is, but hes about 6' and the person who sold it to him was about 5'8"...Im 5'6", so basically I want to know if the dl can be adjusted to somewhat my dl...the seller sent me a pic of the cam hoping that that can get me somewhere on finding out if it can be adjuste to somewhat my dl...I think i can push 27" dl...well heres the picture of the cam hopefully you guys can help me.....thanks in advance

your pal, josh
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