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i need help with traditional archery

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hi, my name is doug and i have been trying to get into traditional archery. The problem is that all the places to get archery tackle in my area only carry stuff for compounds and crossbows. I have been hunting with a compound for years but i can't shoot it instinctivly, like i can borrowed traditional i shot recently. So i turned to the internet only to find so much to choose from but not a lot of info. So if anyone could tell me what draw weight is needed to harvest whitetails. If PSE recurve bows are a good start for traditional hunting. Or if there is any good literature to read to help me on my way. if anyone can help me out i would appreciate it greatly.
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Try and get to some traditional shoots in your area. Since you already shoot a compound, when thinking about a traditional bow. You may want to consider a recurve over a longbow, since the recurve will be very similiar in holding and feel, as a compound. But, if you want a longbow go for it, but shoot a couple first. Either bow, your draw weight starting out should be at least 10# less than what you are pulling with your compound. All good info above too. Traditional Bowhunter Magazine, 3 Rivers, etc. Try to get to some shoots, or look up your nearest Traditional organization, get to some shoots, talk with some trad folks and ask as many questions as you can. Try to shoot as many bows as you can before making a purchase. Also take a look at www.TradGang,com lot's of good folks and resources there.
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