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Hey I need every ones help (that is if you wanna help me) I have a project due this next tues. and i just got back from the hospitail or i would have posted sooner!

I need your help doing a science project. i need the Name's and Brands Of 50 difrent bows.

if you want i can tell you what this is for in school later but i gotta get stuff together so if you could post as many difrent bows that you know it would be a big help!

i need it posted like this

Martin Jag
Martin Lynx
Martin Black panter

Brand name first
name second

THank you in advanced

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ok thanks i have 19 difrent types Please i am really needing these names it is for an class in school and we are making a Periodic table of any thing that we want and i choose Bows so i need your help to get 50 difrent names and types old or new
oh and the old or new thing realy helps me put them in order so if you could tell me old or new it would be great!

this will help me out alot so please help me

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The following bows are made by PSE:

Outlaw, Spyder, Beast, Mach 6, Mach 8, Mach 10, Mach 11, Mach 12, Mach Pro, Supra, Thunderbolt, Lightning, Diamondback, Firestorm lite, Primos, Nitro,Deer Hunter, Baby G, SP75, Nova,Dakota,Spyder,Xcellerator,Enforcer,Triton, and there are more on .

Archery Research makes the AR 31, AR34, and AR 37.

Matthews has the Conquest, and LX

Hoyt has the Cybertec, SierraTec, MT Sport, Ultratec, ProTech and Sapphire.

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Browning Vortex X, made 1985 give or take a year.

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LOL....ROTF! Thanks a million! I have been feverishly answering emails, PM's and took a break to answer this question. I must have just brain farted that one huh!?

Thanks for the correction.

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Champion Bows

If you still need some more bows here is the current line up from CHAMPION BOW COMPANY:


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Heres a few older models:

Jennings- Arrowstar
Jennings- Shooting Star
Jennings- T-Star
Jennings- Split-T
Jennings- Starlite-T
Jennings- Lightning
Jennings- Forked Lightning
Jennings- Model K Compound Bow Kit

Bear Polar LTD
Bear Whitetail
Bear Whitetail ll

Hope this helps!!

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Manufacturer Model
Alpine Fatal Impact
Alpine Impact Xtreme
Alpine Impact Xtreme Twin
Alpine Lightning Force
Alpine Micro Youth
Alpine Ravage
Alpine Sidewinder
Alpine SS Stealth
Alpine Stealth Force
Archery Res. AR31
Archery Res. AR34
Archery Res. AR37
Ben Pearson 440 Quad
Ben Pearson Cherokee
Ben Pearson Colt Kit
Ben Pearson Diamondback VX
Ben Pearson Freedom
Ben Pearson Freedom Pro
Ben Pearson Predator VX
Ben Pearson Warrior
Bowtech Black Knight Pro -SB
Bowtech Black Knight Pro -TB
Bowtech Blackhawk
Bowtech Extreme Samson VFT
Bowtech Extreme VFT
Bowtech Generation 3.2
Bowtech Ladyhawk*
Bowtech Mighty Mite
Bowtech Patriot Dually VFT
Bowtech Patriot VFT
Bowtech Pro 38
Bowtech Pro 40
Bowtech Pro 40 Dually
Bowtech Pro 40 Wheely
Bowtech Rascal*
Bowtech Stalker
Bowtech Stalker Lite*
Bowtech Tech 29*
Bowtech Tomkat
Browning Adrenaline SX
Browning Eclipse ZLX
Browning Impulse LS*
Browning Micro Adrenaline XS*
Browning Micro Midas 3*
Browning Mirage 33S
Browning Mirage ZX
Browning Rage
Browning Tornado
Buckmaster G2
Buckmaster G2XL
Champion Badger
Champion Bronco
Champion Bronco Twin
Champion Contender
Champion Contender Twin
Champion Dakota
Champion Dakota Twin
Champion Eclipse
Champion Hurricane
Champion Mustang
Champion Mustang Twin
Champion Saber
Champion Saber Twin
Champion Spitfire
Champion Storm
Champion Storm Twin
Darton Avalanche Extreme
Darton Cyclone Express 3D
Darton Cyclone Express LD
Darton Exciter
Darton Executive Vegas
Darton Fury Express
Darton Magnum Extreme
Darton Maverick Express REC
Darton Rampage Express
Darton Storm
Diamond D.O.A.
Diamond Hornet
Diamond Invader
Diamond Machete
Diamond Skyrunner
Diamond Stinger
Diamond Undertaker
Diamond Widowmaker
Fred Bear Badge
Fred Bear TRX
Fred Bear TRX 32
Fred Bear Vapor 300
Golden Eagle Mossy Oak 32
Golden Eagle Mossy Oak 36
Golden Eagle Obsession
Golden Eagle Raptor
Golden Eagle Sparrowhawk II*
Hoyt USA Banshee*
Hoyt USA Cybertec
Hoyt USA Dynatec
Hoyt USA Havoctec
Hoyt USA Magnatec XT
Hoyt USA Magnatec ZR
Hoyt USA MT Sport
Hoyt USA Protec LX Pro
Hoyt USA Protec LX Pro Accuwheel
Hoyt USA Protec Spiral XT2000
Hoyt USA Protec XT 2000
Hoyt USA Protec XT 3000
Hoyt USA Protec XT Accuwheel
Hoyt USA Razortec
Hoyt USA Sierratec
Hoyt USA Supertec Spiral
Hoyt USA Ultratec Accuwheel
Hoyt USA Ultratec Spiral
Hoyt USA Ultratec XT 2000
Hoyt USA Ultratec XT 3000
Jennings CMX
Jennings GrandMaster
Jennings RackMaster
Jennings RackMaster Lite
Jennings TrophyMaster
Martin Altitude Fuzion*
Martin Cougar III Elite Fury
Martin Cougar III Elite Fury-X
Martin Cougar III Fury
Martin Cougar III Fury-X*
Martin Cougar III Fuzion
Martin Cougar III Magnum Fuzion
Martin Cougar III SE Fury
Martin Cougar III SE Fuzion
Martin Cougar III Z-Cam
Martin Jaguar Magnum Fuzion
Martin Jaguar Mini-Z*
Martin Jaguar Z-Cam
Martin MV2 Elite Fury
Martin MV2 Elite Fury-X
Martin MV2 Magnum Fuzion
Martin MV2 SE Fuzion
Martin Onza II Elite Fury
Martin Onza II Elite Fury-X
Martin Onza II Fuzion
Martin Onza II SE Fury
Martin Onza II SE Fuzion
Martin Phantom Elite Fury
Martin Phantom Elite Fury-X*
Martin Phantom Fuzion
Martin Phantom Magnum Fuzion
Martin Phantom Z-Cam
Martin Phanton Mini-Z*
Martin Rage II
Martin Scepter III Elite Fury
Martin Scepter III Elite Fury-X
Martin Scepter III Fury
Martin Scepter III Fury-X
Martin Scepter III SE Fuzion
Martin Tiger*
Martin Tracer Magnum
Mathews Black Max 2
Mathews Conquest 3
Mathews FX
Mathews Icon
Mathews Legacy
Mathews LX
Mathews Q2
Mathews Q2XL
Mathews Sportsman
Mathews SQ2
Mathews Ultra 2
McPherson 38 Special
McPherson Diva VX
McPherson Hornet VX
McPherson Mark XII
McPherson Raptor VX
McPherson SDS VX
Proline Corsair
Proline Mountain 30
Proline Mountain 32
Proline Mountain Supreme
Proline Sniper
Proline Stalker
PSE Beast Inferno
PSE Deerhunter Combo
PSE Diamondback II
PSE Enforcer
PSE Firestom Lite
PSE Mach-10
PSE Nitro
PSE Nova Inferno
PSE Nova Pro65
PSE Nova Pro75
PSE Outlaw
PSE Primos STL
PSE Spyder S4*
PSE Spyder Stinger*
PSE Supra
PSE Thunderbolt L3
PSE Triton
PSE XCellerator
Reflex Buckskin
Reflex Caribou
Reflex Gamegetter
Reflex Growler
Reflex Timberwolf
Renegade Alpha-1
Renegade Kombow
Renegade Non Typical XL
Renegade SBD
Renegade Tominator II
Renegade Trophy Rac Plus
Storm F-14
Storm F-16*
Storm F-2
Storm F-24*
Storm F-26
Storm F-28
Storm F-4
Storm F-6*
Storm F-8
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