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I was heading to buy a PSE drive lt and the local shop had a new Vector 32......They let me shoot it a couple times and I really liked it.I have a Rampage xt also.

They had $600 on it,when I told the guy" I was buying something today" the owner spoke from the back and said $500 for the Vector....They set it all up and I
was out the door for $530.00 and gave me a different hat than what I got with my other two Hoyts.....I don't know if it was a good buy or not,but I am pretty happy with it.They have to adjust it to 28.5,being left handed they didn't have the elements I needed,but have them on order.It is at 29" and doesn't feel horrible.

They off'd some old stock and I got a nice bow.Win,Win
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