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I remember a time

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when they released the next years bows in the next year. Crap its Oct and people are complaining that they dont know whats come out:rolleyes:
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:rolleyes: I'm sure early announcements has nothing to do promoting product before X-Mas and the ATA show.

I won't be surprised the day when next year's bows start going to dealers teh 1st of December. It would be after many bow hunting seasons have ended (or close to ending) and before X-mas. The "new" bows would be at indoor tournaments and local leagues. Bow hunters would be getting holiday presents and buying bows with holiday bonuses. By spring 3D season the bows would be selling and then another round of hunters would be snapping them up in June and July.

Yep, I won't be surprised when new bows start selling and being delivered the 1st of December. But then again I've been wrong before...............
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