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I think im finally done setting up my Alaskan

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Bought this used on here a while back and have been tinkering, tuning and experimenting with different sights, rests, stabilizers and arrows.
It is 60# and I'm drawing 29 1/2" using Victory Vforce 350 gamers and 125 gr Orranni points. I will be shooting Magnus 125 gr Black Hornets come deer season.
The sight is a Trophy Ridge Alpha single pin slider. For the rest I tried a Whisker biscuit and it was perfectly fine but I ended up installing a QAD HDX drop away. Finished it up with a Limbsaver stabilizer and an unknown roller cable guide I had on hand. Also installed the Bear Paw grip from the adapt. Love it and highly recommend it.

It shoots better than I do. Can't wait to deer hunt with it. It's been about ten years since I shot a deer with a bow. Last compound kill was with a Bowtech Guadian in 2013.
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Great looking bow and good luck this season.
I love the Old School Camo limbs on the Bear bows! That is a great looking rig you have there!
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