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ICS Hunter Vs. Camo Hunter

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I have always used Beman ICS Hunter shafts with good results. I like the way the ICS Camo shafts look, but I'm wondering if I should be concerned about the extra weight (8.4 vs. 9.1 gpi)? I hate to lose the trajectory to shoot a pretty arrow. Is the difference negligible? Are there tangible benefits with going to the Camo? Any thoughts or experience would be welcome.
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Whats the farthest you ever shot a deer???? Most shots on game are under 20 yards, at that distance you will notice no difference in the way the bow shoots, if anything the camo (heavier) arrow will be quieter out of the bow. The only differnece you are going to notice is the price. Whats your arrow length? Figure your difference, add that weight to your arrow (change field points) and check the speed difference and drop difference. If your arrow is say 28" your only gaining 19.6 grains. Not much to be worried about.
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