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what used bow will you buy next year

  • Hoyt

    Votes: 47 43.9%
  • Bow tech

    Votes: 17 15.9%
  • Mathewes

    Votes: 22 20.6%
  • PSE

    Votes: 10 9.3%
  • other

    Votes: 20 18.7%

If you are going to buy a used bow next year what are you going to buy

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How many people are going to buy this years bows used on at next year ? And what will it be
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Vantage elite for me

Maybe a madness XL

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I bought the bow I would buy used next year, this year! I bought a left over 08 Bowtech Allegiance. I'm in the process of setting it up- paper tuning, setting timing, string loop, letoff,etc.
Setting up a new bow, getting to know exactly how it works and how string and cable moves affect performance is half the fun of buying a new bow.
A Bowmaster press and a lot of info gleaned from AT allow me to do this!
In fact, I picked the Allegiance after reading many many positive posts on this model Bowtech.

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an athens hopefully, back up hunting rig, possibly a primary rig :secret:!

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I might know who will be selling a am32 next year :secret:
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