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Horton Manufacturing Company, Inc. has determined that, under certain circumstances, the limb mounting system on certain select models of Horton Crossbows manufactured in 2004 may become unsafe. The Horton Crossbow models that may be susceptible to this condition are easily identifiable and Horton will remedy the condition without charge.

The Horton crossbow models that are covered by this Product Recall are:

Model CB610 - Hunter Max 175 Bow (Serial Numbers below D 23,000)
Model CB625 - Hunter Max 175 Bow Package (Serial Numbers below D 23,000)
Model CB710 - Legend XL 175 Bow (Serial Numbers below E 64,000)
Model CB705 - Legend XL 175 Bow Package (Serial Numbers below E 64,000)
Model CB805 - Explorer TR 175 Bow Package (Serial Numbers below I 77,200)
All of these Horton crossbow models are easily identifiable as having only one limb-mounting bolt per limb (two mounting bolts per crossbow). The Serial Number is located on the right hand side of the crossbow stock near the front of the crossbow.

Horton urges you NOT to use any of the Horton crossbow models identified above to avoid any chance of serious injury to yourself or to others.

To return your crossbow model to Horton Manufacturing Company, Inc. for immediate inspection, repair or replacement with new upgraded mounting system components, simply contact a Horton Customer Service Representative through the Horton Manufacturing website WWW.HORTONMFG.COM for immediate response, or by telephone (toll-free) or Fax:

WWW.HORTONMFG.COM Toll Free: 1 (800) 551-7468 Fax: (330) 633-7751

Please have your complete mailing address, crossbow model and serial number available when you contact Horton Customer Service. Please do not return your crossbow to Horton Manufacturing Company, Inc. without first contacting a Customer Service Representative.

No other Horton crossbow models or other products are covered by this recall. This notification applies only to the crossbow models and serial numbers set forth above.
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