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I'm new here!!

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I am a new member to the forum. I have been looking around for a while, mostly for information on string making and arrow fletching. I will be hunting with a crossbow due to a back injury that prevents me from holding a bow at full draw for more than a few seconds. I haven't been into archery for over ten years. I have found quite a bit of good information just looking around here so far, and hope to find much more as time goes on.

I am an ATV mechanic at a small polaris dealer. I used to be an ASE and Chrysler certified technician at a small chrysler, dodge and jeep dealer, but my back problems forced me to find a lighter line of work. When my wife and I went to buy her new 4 wheeler in 07 I was talking to the owner and it turned out he needed a good mechanic, and a few weeks later I had a new job. I went from getting shots to help ease the pain every 2 months to every 4 to 5 months now. I also have 2 perfectly normal kids, son 4yrs daughter 11yrs. They may not be perfect angels, but they both do what kids do best.

My son so badly wants to go hunting w/ me, but he can't even be quiet in his sleep. It will come some day.
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Archery is a great family sport/hobby!

Welcome to AT!

Glad to hear that you plan to make archery a family thing in the future. Our 3 boys 3d with us almost everytime we go...they aren't always the quietest, be we are all learning to make 3ding family friendly. Happy shooting!
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