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I'm thinkin archery software isnt for me

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So after bothering you guys and finally getting ontarget to say my arrows spine is fine like it was for ausie and t-labee, I decide to give it a shot in TAP. I'm still trying to figure out which one I want to buy. So, first ontarget tells me my arrow is too stiff, and now TAP tells me its too weak, puts it right on the red. What is up with the opposites here? I am 99% sure I'm entering all the info right.
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all programs, spinesharts etc. suggest a stiffer spine than you need.
i use ontarget2 and just love the program, it makes dead accurate shighttapes etc. but for spine you can use what it says but you can go softer too, but you will have to try that onn out your self.
I shoot Navigators 540 at #55 and 29,5" and according to any shart i´m way underspined, but in reality it works great.
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