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Information Needed... Please Help!

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I'm trying to sell my bow to purchase a gun safe. I have some people who are interested in buying the bow, but I don't know what I should ask for it. Also would I be better served to sell the bow/gear separate or just sell it as a package. I know what I would like to get out of it, but I'm not sure it's a reasonable number as I don't know much about how well bows keep their value. If it were yours, how much would you ask for it?


Part#: 1114HPRIF2960(RTS Brute HP)
Peak ATA/IBO Speed: 320 fps
Draw Length Range: 25" to 30" (I believe mine is set for 30" so arrows should be able to be cut if your draw length is shorter)
Factory Preset: 29"
Draw Weight: 60#

Brace Height: 7"
Axle-to-Axle: 33-1/2"
Let-Off: 75%
Buss Cable: Part# 7988 35.375"
String: Part# 7987 93.75"

I also have the following that I am looking to sell:

-12 Carbon Express Arrows (6 Vanes, 6 Blazers)
-2 Rage (3-Blade) Broadheads
1 Rage practice tip
-Approximately 15 field tips
-Primos Bow Sling
-Quiver (came with the bow)
-Plano hard bow case
-Foam Archery Block
-1 stick of String Snot

Thanks for your help!
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If trying to sell on AT or even Craigslist...

... The package deal can be more desirable for people looking for 'hunt-ready' or 'fully-loaded' bows. It may make selling your old bow easier for you just to get rid of it in one go.

However, you can probably eke a few more dollars out of selling items individually. But you will also be shipping items separately. Also some items sell better than others. Arrows are very hit or miss. BH's + tips sell pretty well. Clothing/Gear does OK. Quivers can be hit or miss. Misc. accessories, again, very hit or miss. Sometimes easier to sell a 'lot' of items.

If you are wanting to know the value I would search AT classifieds, Craigslist, and Ebay for the same model and get an average price going for USED models. Then do the same for your accessories. If you don't price it right it wont sell. Simple as that.

Last thing expect to be haggled. That's all!
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