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Instructional Videos?

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Weeellll, I went and bought the new Fred Bear Element package from Hunter's friend, RH, 53lb, and since I may well have a dominant left eye, the sights are next to useless:-(so far...;-) But I can still shoot pretty straight at 30 yards, and I've only lost two arrows. (Where DO they go? I imagine someday I'll find a bunch of them with all my lost socks:-<)

More seriously, I DIG the bow thing and seem to have some natural aptitude, but there are virtually NO instructional videos!? I've seen a bunch mentioned on ONE website (Robinhood) - anyone have any recommendations re their (or other) products?

Hell, anyone want to make an instructional archery DVD? We could make money just selling it to libraries since there's NO competition...

Shoot straight,


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I did a search for "instructional video" and checked the 'archery fix' site and don't see anything - can you be more specific? Thanks, chris
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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