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Interesting hunt

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I had probably the strangest hunt ever this morning. I around 0750 I heard a branch break to my west. It was a loud break and at first I thought it was to loud for a deer but through the bushes I could see brown headed my way but just small glimpses of it. I got my bow off the hook and stood up only to have 2 horses walk out :eek: they were the landowners and they broke the fence. Can you imagine the noise 2 horses make walking through the dry leaves and branches? They walked past me and off to the east. As i sat there and pondered how this hunt was ruined I heard a branch break to the east at 0810, thinking it was the horses I did not pay it much attention but looked anyway. Then I seen ears, there was 4 does walking on the same trail the horses did. I was not ready and as I tried to raise my bow another deer behind these 4 seen me and blew and they all took off. So my question is this, how long should I wait before returning to this stand. People told me I should go back in the morning, just in a different tree???? Thanks
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