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This might not apply to LW Sticks....

I just got some Big Game Pro-X 22" sticks at Bass Pro.
Aluminum, Double Folding Steps, swivel Tree Cleat.
They use a pretty heavy/noisy Metal Buckle system.

I haven't cut the Straps off (yet) experimenting.

Used 7 or 8mm Rope with a Figure 8 in one end and a Stop Knot on the other end and the smallest Prusik loop I could make (used 6mm Accessory Cord).
I can put the Fig 8 around the RIGHT Strap bracket (like a Cleat on a Boat) running under the Stick and around the Tree (clockwise) and then under the Stick and Cleat the Prusik to the LEFT Strap Bracket.

THE COOL thing I found, is that if I tighten the Prusik with the Stick HORIZONTAL I can then Cinch it down by simply rotating the Stick into place. Gets it much tighter than just pulling the Prusik with the Stick Vertical.

To remove the Stick I just pull the bottom of the Stick away from the Tree to get the teeth our of the bark and Rotate the Stick Clockwise (horizontal). Loosen Prusik and I can pull the loop off.
As is I can take the WHOLE Rope off the stick.

Rope Off.jpg Rope Side.jpg Rope Left.jpg
Rope Right.jpg Rope Locked.jpg
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