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Interesting Tuning "Dilemma" - Need Your Help!

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Hey Guys,

So my press finally came in, installed it last night and started putting it to work this morning. I'm shooting an RX7 Ultra at 71lbs, 29.5" draw length. Before I had access to a press I was shooting BH about 6 inches to the left of FP at 30yrds. When I would shoot through paper at around 9-10ft I was getting a high right tail tear. My centershot is 13/16ths, I would like to leave it that way if possible. I raised the arrow rest and I am pretty close to center now when shooting fletched through paper, tail is still a tad high as you can see from the picture. BUT when I shoot a bareshaft I am consistently hitting tail low.

My issue is my bareshafts are hitting tail low when my fletched are hitting tail high. The same thing occurs when I shim the cams. I get a bullet hole when shimmed hard right on both top and bottom BUT with fletched I am tail right...... Do I tune for bareshaft and forget the fletched?

New tuner at a loss on what to do.....

All my shots are consistent like this, I changed the paper so I could give you guys a clear picture instead of 30 holes.
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While you are waiting, add a 1/2-full twist to one cable and see what happens. If that doesn't work remove twists and move to other cable and repeat process. Spine # on those arrows?
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