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I purchased a pair of Irish Setter Shadow Trek boots around July/August 2012. Wore them while hunting last season with no complaints. The first time I wore them out hunting this year, my feet got SOAKED from walking through wet grass on the way to the stand. I called Irish Setter and told them their "waterproof" boots were no longer "waterproof".

I was told that the boots carried a 1 year warranty on them, and since my boots were past that time, Irish Setter probably would not be able to do much. I was given an address where I could sent them for inspection if I wished, but was told "no promises" on getting them repaired at no charge.

I figured what the heck, and shipped them off with a letter explaining what had happed.

I got home from work today to find a box from Irish Setter sitting on my porch. I assumed they just sent me my old boots back with a "sorry about your bad luck" note enclosed.

Well......Inside that box was a BRAND NEW pair of Irish Setter Shadow Trek boots!!!

They went over and above what I expected them to, and I thought a favorable post for their company was deserved. I'm glad to see these guys really do stand behind their product.
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