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Is draw weight proportional to age?

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Seems to me that the older I get the less I like rifle recoil and high poundage bows. Anyone else notice that?
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In my 20's I shot upwards of 70# in early compounds and low 60's with my recurves. Back in 2010 my draw shoulder abruptly decided it had enough of hunting weight stickbows, so after a few Dr visits and PT, I switched back to compounds and recouped in the mid-50's. I built back up to 60-62# and have remained there the past decade. That weight doesn"t strain my shoulders on cold mornings and in the summer I can shoot as many shots as I care to without fatigue. On the deer and turkeys I typically hunt, penetration is not an issue and most often a pass-through with both fixed and Spitfire mechs.

In regards to firearms recoil.....I very much agree. When straight wall cartridges were approved, a bunch of my friends jumped on the 450 Bushmaster bandwagon and I eventually got a Ruger American bolt in that caliber. However I never cared for the feel of the me it is like pulling the trigger on a Mossburg 12ga with 3.5" turkey loads. Not unmanageable, but not fun either. A couple years ago my buddy got a 350 Legend for his grandson and I shot it several times. Last fall I put the Bushmaster up for sale and used the funds to purchase a new Winchester XPR bolt action in the 350 Legend caliber. Point being....if your approach to recreation isn't fun......whether it be rifles or saddles or mobile setups or bow draw weight.....change it so it is.
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