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It comes down to conditioning, what your body can take and the need for speed. If you only draw during season and don't shoot regularly then you will slowly need to ease back on draw weight because you will experience a decline in strength and ability. Joints, tendons and ligaments can loose flexibility and strength over time, I knew it was time to back off the draw weight when on a shoulder made a loud POP when I drew my bow on deer. Loud enough for the deer below me to become very wary and eventually walk off. Yes, snap, crackle and pop....that is me now getting out of bed! LOL. As for need....its like a rifle....shot placement is key...if the shot is good.... it won't matter much whether it is 50lbs or 70lbs. More draw weight gives you more speed. More speed means less drop. Less drop means you can get out there further. Now lets talk about eyes as you get older...LOL. Those longer shots get harder to make when its brown, on brown, on shadow.

I run my 70lb at 62lb. I just got my hands on a 40lb bow that I planned on swapping limbs to am thinking of swapping cams to the 40lb. I'm joking....but then again... :p

There is one truism.... Getting old sucks....but it beats the alternative. As long as you can draw and hit your's all good.

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