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Is draw weight proportional to age?

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Seems to me that the older I get the less I like rifle recoil and high poundage bows. Anyone else notice that?
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I should have specified earlier in the posting whether you're shooting traditional or compound. I was thinking more along the lines of traditional bows, longbow and recurves. I can handle higher poundage of the compound because of the let off. I finally had to have my Osage/bamboo bow taken down from 55# to 40# I'm closer to 68 now. I was a lot younger when I purchased that bow. I finally sold my 7mm Rem Mag and kept the .243. This year I purchased a Harley TriGlide, the wife feels safer on it and I don't have worry about losing my footing on gravel roads with her on it (bad left knee). I still have the RoadKing. We each have a tolerance level and finding that sweet spot that lets up continue to enjoy the things we like to do, well that's joy of the challenge.
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