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Is my head to heavy for my set up(finger shooter)

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Hi guys,
i made the switch from aluminums to ACCs. I'll explain my set up for you.I am a finger shooted 02 hoyt protec Lx Pro accuwheel set at 62lbs (maxed) I use a cavalier freeflyte with a master plunger for a rest I shoot a 28.5 arrow 27.5 draw lenght.
I was shooting a 28.5 XX78 2215 with 125 gr.head and 5 in right helical duravanes. I had no trouble at all once tuned up getting my Bh and Fp to group the same. I was using thunder heads. I tried muzzys but the always hit to the left of my fps.
Now with my ACC 3-39 28.5 125 head and 5in. right helical vane. My Bh are hitting way to the right. I thought I had my bow tuned up great i was shooting 2-3 groups at 40 yds. with fp. and now the thunderheads hit way to the right and the muzzys are a little closer to the feild points. but not right with them. If I adjust my rest to get the Broadheads to hit center my fps then hit to the left.
I'm myphed Am I underspined?? Do I need to try a lighter head?
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