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Is this a good deal and any info on the bow

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I have the chance to buy for my son a
Parker Premier Grade bow with limb savers,
a QAD Ultra Rest,
a Trophy Ridge Guide Series Micro Matrix sight,
a quickie quiver,
a XRing Hydraulic Stabliser
10 Beman 460 Matrix arrows
a Scott Release
and a plastic case.

I can get all this for $300.

Also does any one know anything about the "Premier Grade" Parker Bow.
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I have the bow

It is in my living room and we are going to shot it in the morning. I am also going to take it to the proshop and have them give it the once over. My thing is that I was going to buy my son a new bow tomorrow and I had $400 to spend on the new bow and put the old WB on it and use his old arrows. If nothing else I can put the accesories on a different bow once he get through growing.
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