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Ive been aching to pull this one...

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I just cant find anyone to do it to.

Rather than pull my cameras out of the woods then have to reset them, I sometimes just carry my laptop with me and download my pictures onto it. That got me to thinking. I wish I knew where some of my buddies digital cameras were. If you can download from them, you can upload to them. All kinds of photoshopped pictures come to mind. Im sure most of you have seen the mountain lion stalking the buck, that would be a nice one. Maybe some nice 35 pt bucks or the llama picture someone had with antlers on it. Maybe infest his area with wild boars. Here in Kentucky, I could transplant a few wolves, maybe a griz. If you were creative enough to do it right, you could have some real fun with it, especially if you download a blank picture of the background that his camera shoot, then just put a reasonable date/time stamp and whatever else you want in the picture.

Have fun. If anyone tries this, lemme know how it turns out.
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Why not just get extra cards...alot easier and lighter than carrying a laptop in and out of the woods (if that is what you are doing).
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