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On occasion I set out on a web search for a particular item and my mission one night was to find a bow camera. I came across some but nothing that really caught my attention. Then through a Google search I came across a company out of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin called J&K Outdoor Products and they advertised the SportVu cam and the thing that really got me was their claim that this little cam had low light capability. Now you say who cares about low light? Well, I know some hunters that do. Especially when trying to film their hunts. Because it’s generally just as you are setting up or just getting ready to come in that the animal you have been waiting for decides to stroll in. Yes, animals know when they will catch you at the most in-opportune times.
Anyways, I began to dig deeper and found that this company claimed this camera was very versatile and of high quality. So, I called and spoke to Jerry and he agreed to allow me do an evaluation on this camera. After several days the UPS truck pulled up and like a kid at Christmas I met the UPS driver at the door. Yes, it had come! So, I quickly opened the box and began to see what all came with it. To my surprise the camera came with:
1.) Instruction manual (not that guys read these)
2.) SportVu Cam
a.) Measures 5.5” X 1.75 & and weighs in at 8 ounces
b.) Easy to use OSD menu
c.) 1.5” TFT LCD Screen
d.) High resolution Sony CCD Imager
e.) 640X480 VGA
f.) 30 frames per second
g.) Built in mic
3.) Battery wall charger
4.) (2) 2200 mAh Lithium batteries (SportVu uses only 1 so you have 1 spare)
5.) USB cable
6.) 2 GB micro SD card
7.) Bow, tree, helmet and handle bar mounting brackets
So, everything I needed to begin videoing was in the box I just had to supply the computer. I began with a “What’s in the Box” video which can be seen on I then produced a “How to mount the SportVu on your Bow” video. I waited one evening to just see how good the video was in low light so I took it out late one evening video tape around the yard which had gotten quite dark with the sun almost down and my area is very woody so that created almost hunting like scenario. I put the video on my computer and was surprised to see how well this cam does work in low light. I have video coming soon to Bowtube demonstrating its video quality and low light ability as well.
Mounting the SportVu to the bow is so easy and takes less than 3 minutes to do. Mounting this to the handle bars of an ATV, motorcycle or bike is quick and easy as well. The patent pending design includes built in high impact and recoil absorption so there is no need for bulky shock absorber to get the best footage. Don’t want to mount to any of the items mentioned but want to mount to a tripod. You can with the standard mount on the SportVu. So, you have all your bases covered with the camera and what comes in the box.
With the 2GB micros SD card you can record up to 90 minutes of video and sound. The cam high quality MPEG-4 videos and M-JPG still pictures and records at 30 frames per second which can also be changed to 60 frames per second.
With the USB cable you can hook it directly to your computer and laptop and view and download your pictures and videos. Don’t have a computer or laptop handy then just view your video and stills right on your SportVu camera.
The built in OSD menu is easy to maneuver and understand. Recording is as simple as pressing button. To top it off the SportVu cam is water and shock resistant for those extreme conditions.
In closing I have to say you rarely find a product that covers all the bases or does everything it promises to. But, with the SportVu Cam I can say you have everything in the box. You are only limited by your imagination with this cam. The retail cost for this is 369.00. But I have to say this can do it all and then some. In addition to the items that come in the box J&K Outdoor Products also offers the crossbow mounting bracket for 19.99 and a car charger accessory for $22.00 for the batteries which pretty much should seal the deal for you. The SportVu cam is also available online at, Bass Pro & Cabela’s.
If you are looking for that special sport camera look to J&K Outdoor Products for your next sporting camera.
Article written by: Gary Elliott​

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Any video? I'd like to see low light video from it (I realize that it is difficult to compare low light because you are limited by what the camera sees).Does it have electronic image stabilization? How is the sound? There are 60 frame cams out with HD and waterproof out that go for a fraction of that (that come with larger memory cards,charges and are pc compatible).
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