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I'm tring to find out what distances will be shot by the cadet male class and what are some arrows that might a good for a compound shooter with a Martin Septer in about a 50 pound draw weight this is our first time with this we usually shoot 3-d outdoors. Any info would be helpfull thanks.

Please browse through the JOAD section and there is a wealth of information there.

Since this is your first time, I recommend reading: While some of that may be old hat since you have shot 3-d before, please read over the dress code at website/05 Rules/01 C&R Book/2008RulesENG_Book1.pdf chapter 3.22. I've copied them below for fun.

3.22.1 FITA Championships are majestic occasions, honoured by the attendance of many
dignitaries. It is therefore respectful and fitting that all athletes, Team Captains, Officials,
etc., participating in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, should be properly
and fully dressed in the uniform dress of their respective Member Associations. During the Olympic Games, Target World Championships (including
Cadet and Junior Championships) and World Cup Competitions,
athletes and team officials must dress in professional
looking sports clothing on the field of play.
• All members of one team must be dressed in the same team
uniform. The men’s and women’s teams of one country may
wear different design and colour uniforms. Team officials may
wear a different style but should wear the same colours and
should be easily identified as the official of their team.
• Women are required to wear dresses, skirts, divided skirts or
shorts (these may not be shorter than the athlete’s fingertips
when the arms and fingers are extended at the athlete’s side)
or trousers (slacks), and blouses or tops (covering the front
and back of the body and be fixed over each shoulder and the
midriff when at full draw).
• Men are required to wear trousers or shorts (these may not be
shorter than the athlete’s fingertips when the arms and fingers
are extended at the athlete’s side) and long or short sleeved
shirts (covering the midriff when at full draw).
• No denim or jeans may be worn nor any oversize or baggy
type pants or shorts.
• During the Team Match play competition the same colour and
style shirt/blouse/top and the same colour and style
pants/shorts/skirts must be worn.
• Due to weather conditions, protective clothing such as sweaters,
track suits, lycra sport shirts, raingear, etc. may be worn
following approval by the Technical Delegate of the event or,
in his or her absence, the chair of the tournament judge commission.
• Hats are optional, but if worn, must be the same design and
style for the entire team. Sport shoes must be worn by all athletes and coaches during
Target events. Sport shoes may be different styles but must cover
the entire foot. Athlete’s number is to be prominently displayed on the athlete’s
quiver or thigh which is to be visible from behind the shooting
line at all times while shooting is in progress. At Olympic Games, World Championships (including Cadet and
Junior Championships) and World Cup Events, all athletes must
have their name across the back on the upper shoulder area in
combination with the name of their country (or three letters NOC
country code). Team officials must have their country name on
the back of their shirt. The name and function of the team official
are optional. Athletes and team officials must conform to the dress regulations
during the Official Practice.
3.22.2 No advertising of any kind whatsoever will appear on clothing worn by the athletes
or officials at any time during the tournament except as specified in the eligibility
and website/05 Rules/01 C&R Book/2008RulesENG_Book2.pdf for the rules concerning outdoor target archery.

Whew, all that can be a lot of dry material to wade though, but hopefully you now have some resources to get instant information from. Please feel free to ask questions about anything that isn't clear or that you can't find.

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