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I amassed everything needed to build an IR jazz setup in a Pelican 1030 case, and just never found the time to mess with building it. The Jazz is hacked for external batteries and a microphone and has a BB233 lens installed. The Jazz was hacked already when I bought it, but I installed the BB233 lens.

Here is what is included:

Jazz DV150 (original lens is also included if you want to revert it back to a daytime Jazz)
BF Jazz controller
2 BF sister boards
Wildtronix 6V 6LED IR array
Kit 98 amplifier
SSS HPWA freshnel
Pelican 1030
2 brand new 2GB SD cards
AA holder
1 small lens extension from WTS (includes the glass)

I bought everything brand new except for the Jazz was hacked when I bought it. Everything shown cost me over $235.95 plus shipping, and I'll sacrifice it for $200 shipped.

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