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Jennings Buckmaster Spec

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Needing to get the string length and the cable length so my boss can get some new ones made. All the numbers have came off the bow. This is one of the first Buckmasters made. Anybody have a spec book on this bow? Thanks for any help you can give. (it still had the oringal strings/buss cable on it, they are stretched badly!!!)
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I can give the specs off my jenning buckmaster but I'm not sure if its the same as your bosses. Mine has a AtoA lenght of 39.5in a brace height around 7in. I got it around 95 string length is 98.5in The cable???? I'll have to get back to you I'm not seeing it on my bow. Winners choice usually has or can find the specs on most bows. I'll dig around for my book and see if its in there.
Sorry could'nt help more.
Juat checked my book its not in there. sorry
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