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I have a Jennings Buckmaster Compound Bow & Arrow Package.
Bow is probably around 8-10 years old. Used it the last 3 years and killed plenty of deer with it. Just a good used bow.
The bow is right-handed.
The weight is adjustable from 50-70lbs
Draw length is adjustable from 26" to 31" in length wth optional modules.
Currently set on 29".

Bow is in great shooting condition and looks great. Great forgiving bow.
40" Axle to Axle
7" Brace height
65% Let-off
The bow is in good shooting condtion.
Buckmaster Compound Bow
Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest
Trophy Ridge Fiber Optic Sight
9 arrows- 6 bemens 340s that are 1 season old and 3 older carbon arrows
3 100 grain steelhead expandable broadheads
Camo Quick Detachable Quiver
Peep Sight
String Loop
String Silencers
Plano Hard Case

I also have a much better sight and rest but they would be an additional $150


1 - 3 of 3 Posts