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John Dudley Nock to it

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Hey guys! My brother has just bought a Nock to it and we've had some trouble lately. He shoots a Blackout S3 at 70lbs 80% let off, It has the bowtech sync cams on it. I've seen it happen a few times where he would draw and the release would break about half way through his draw cycle. At first I thought he just would hitch and bump the trigger because he doesn't draw with proper form. It may still be happening and I'm just not seeing it right, he recently drew without an arrow( I ALWAYS tell him not to) and he dry fired and bent a cam. We've got them replaced and the next time we shot, after tuning the bow again, the bow prematurely fired again with the same release but with an arrow knocked. He also has a few other releases to practice on that work's perfectly. He is a bigger guy so maybe he does bump the trigger over his chest, if so, I'm definitely not seeing it. Is there a chance that it's releasing due to the pressure from the cams? I know Bowtech's cams are a typically more aggressive than other cams. The release works fine with my Mathews VXR. What should we do? Increase the trigger pressure? I'm definitely getting him to drop the bow lbs to atleast 65 or less. Nonetheless the release is amazing and I would shoot it, but it is loud at the shot.