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I'm currently working as a freelance writer specializing in motorcycling, outdoors, and entertainment subject matter. I'm moving into the technical writing market to make use of my experience as a hands on gearhead, tool user, and wordsmith.

I'm interested in working for a green technology, outdoors, firearms, motorcycle, or archery manufacturer with opportunities in the Rockies, Pac NW, New Hampshire, or Alaska areas of the United States as well as international locations including Asia, Europe, South America, OZ, New Zealand, and Antarctica.

Opportunities I'm interested in aren't limited to writing, since I have a long resume of being useful in various ways. I'm chomping at the bit to travel or embrace a move to a place I can explore and enjoy as an outdoorsman and professional, and I'm not rooted by family or debts.
I have a clean background, a formal education in English/Publishing and Criminal Justice, and a desire to embrace new and exciting opportunities in an economy chock full of them.

What I'm not looking for is a Corporation or smaller company not interested in being the very best at what they do. I want to be part of a team striving to be the very best in their industry, bar none.

I'm especially interested in American opportunities that might regard the label of Domestic Terrorist or Teabagger as a good thing. :D
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