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Had a chance to borrow a grain scale tonight. Weighed some Gold Tips and Muzzy heads.

I weighed a dozen black 55/75 XT's @ 27 3/4" with inserts, 4" feathers, and Easton Super Nocks.

Weights came to:
1 @ 258 grns.
5 @ 262 grns.
3 @ 264 grns.
3 @ 266 grns

If anyone was wondering, the Lok Nocks weigh in at 16 grns, and the Super Nocks at 12 grns.

In my opinion, the finished arrows didn't do too bad. If you throw out the one arrow at 258, the rest are pretty good. I've got a few hunting arrows (as many as I'll need in Wisconsin anyway)at exactly the same weight, and I could play with my field points to match them with the right arrows to get the weights right on, or close enough for practice.

Next were the Muzzy heads. Weighed 11, 100 grn. 3 blade heads.

10 were 98 grns. Okay, one with practice blades weighed 100, but with the stock blades, it also weighed in at 98.
1 was 96 grns.

That's good enough for me!

Figured I'd share the info for anyone interested.

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